Some Necessary Changes

It’s time for some changes.

I know it’s a bit late, but I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving’s, ate a bunch of food, had fun in the presence of your families, and all of the other good stuff.  I didn’t do anything, myself.  I actually didn’t feel too well.  I did get to have some turkey though, so I didn’t totally miss out.  Anyways, lets get to business…

What’s the problem?

If you know me personally, you will probably know that I’m not really the biggest fan of myself.  I had a lot of aspirations in my late teens, early twenties.  I had a bit going for me.  My brother and I were ditched by our parents out of the blue in those years.  Even if we weren’t ready, we took responsibility and, even up to now, we’re both rocking the ‘on our own’ thing together.  In the last give years or so, I picked up some nasty habits that took over my life.  I lost a lot of my drive to become more than I am.  In fact, even now, I would not even mind dying.  I’m not afraid to do so.  My depression has left me without motivation to improve my situation; to not follow my dreams.  This is a long story short, but enough with the boo-hooery.

Identify the solution.

I think I’m ready to change that mindset.  I’ve been yearning to make change.  Living like this totally blows.  It’s a constant circle of sadness and self-hate.  I need this change.  A feeling that I have not experienced in a good while, hope, washed over me today.  It’s time to start making plans for short-term goals, and making sure I know what my long-term goals are.  After I figure these out, I can start putting together steps and milestones, giving myself reasons to celebrate.  This should help relieve some of my depression, and give myself a little sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Once I put my list together, I will edit this post and share it with y’all.

Lets kick some ass.

All in all, I’m ready.  I need this.  I can’t stagnate any longer.  I have promises that I need to fulfill, and they will lead to more opportunities to me in the future.  I need the benefits now, but it’s another aspect to execute them.  I will get back to where I want to be.  I will get back on top.  I will regain my pride and become proud of myself again.  It’s time to kick some ass.

Stay tuned for some updates.