Hacking cell phone games that are emulated on a PC?

yo dawg, i’m a hacker, so good at hacking

So, I lost my phone last night.  I may discuss my thought process and ideas behind my final decision on purchasing a new one (if I can’t find my current one) in another post.  Until then!: does anyone have experience hacking cell phone games?  I feel like being able to have it present on a PC opens up a lot of possibilities, however I wouldn’t even know where to start.  What options are available for getting data from the client to my application?

Previous experience

We used to mess with this program back in the day for a game called Runescape.  The program was named S.C.A.R., of which the acronym ‘spelled’ out would make no sense to you without some context.  The application used colors, shapes, bitmaps, and optical character recognition.  Essentially, the program could read text given that you trained it to do so.  We were able to put together scripts that could accomplish some awfully complex tasks.

For the same game, we were able to take a different approach.  Using the same language the game was in, we were able to hook data from the client directly.  This increase accuracy and efficiency, but added a layer of new challenges.  It was a little easier for the game developers to check if the client was hijacked.  I learned a lot, and this was actually the start of my programming career.  This is what introduced me into something I would be very interested in.

Share some knowledge!

Cough it up!  Happen to know anything about the ‘scene’?  I’m going to start googling and collecting information.  I would like to find some underground forum somewhere, where there is a tightly knit group of people who share ideas and put together small projects together.  Who knows what I will find though.


Also!  Going to start working on finishing The Odin Project.  If I can put together a couple nice portfolio pieces, I’m the fuck out of the dead-end career I’m in now.  I hate the work I do… well, hate is a strong word, but if I can start creating things with code I will be happy as shit.  Plus, I have the potential to make way more money doing something I enjoy.

See you guys around!