RGB LAN and FITES, My First Lan Tournaments!

Been a minute

Sorry for the lack of updates!  I’ve been busy, and I’m a liar.  More being lazy and doing nothing as of late.  Been doing a little bit of planning for future projects, but no actual code written or wire frames drawn.  I’ll get to those sooner or later!  Something way more exciting coming up for my brother and I, starting Friday!

My first LAN tournaments!

So, every year, my brother goes to one or two LAN tournaments and comes back with at least one trophy.  He’s pretty incredible at video games.  CS:GO, Counter Strike Source, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, …  The list goes on.  You know what’s funny though, the only game that I am even mildly good at, that is the game that he is least proficient with.  That game, currently, is Rocket League.  If I applied myself the same amount from when I started till now, I’d probably have two thousand or more hours played.

So yeah, anyways, from this Friday (3/2) until the eleventh, we will be owning some nerds in two tournaments.  I’m really excited, as this will be my first time playing video games in a real competitive atmosphere.  My desktop hasn’t left my home for any other reason aside from… moving to a new home.  As I’ve stated, I’m pretty trash at video games, but if I leave with any sort of prize, I’ll shit my pants.  Hell, if I even make it to the second round, I’ll be happy.  I’m going to see if I can stream, but I doubt it will be allowed as bandwidth problems have been an issue in the past.

Wish us luck, please!  I’ll take lots of pictures and share them with you all as the days go!

See you later!

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